Monday, June 28, 2010

ALS Benefit

Eugena- America's Next Top Model Winner

Random Question: How do people sleep in till 12 o'clock? I mean why would you want to waste half your day sleeping? What's so great about it? Here's what I have to say to people who sleep their day away.
GO TO BED may roll your eyes at this comment due to the fact that
I am a 17 year old teenager acting like a 60 year old grandma ..but,oh well.  
Anyways, last night I went to an ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) benefit in Anaheim. I walked around and turned on my charm to sell some raffle tickets to wealthy families. There were some famous football players there, such as Ronnie Lott (3 time Super Bowl champion), as well as Eugena from America's next top model, and a few others. It was a lovely event and it was for a great cause. Plus the food was great! ;D

XOXO~ lexi

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