Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Perfect Dorm Room Accent

Ever since I was little I have always loved arts & crafts. I would go over to my grandmother's house, where she had a legit craft room and I would just indulge myself in tacky glue, fabric and buttons. Soo, when I stumble across amazing DIY ideas, 
I jump at the idea to make them myself! 

HonestlyWTF and Free People post DIY projects weekly..and I drool over each and every one of them. 

Once I get a chance to breathe during my extremely busy senior year of high school, I plan to make each and every one of them! Any chance I get to pull out my creative side and work with some paint and glue, I'm say the least. :)

Rachel Rice, featured on the  Free People blog, shared her steps in making these beautiful 
dream catchers.  

I love the accents of the doilies and the handmade feathers 
made out of cardboard and/or thick paper!
My dorm room colors are going to be turquoise and black...(duhh right?) so I am thinking a black dream catcher like the one in the photo above will go perfectly with the spirit of SF. 

For full directions on how to create these amazing dream catchers check out Rachel Rice's post on the Free People DIY blog. 

Anywho, I am supposed to be paying attention in my journalism class right now... but I am a little distracted! hehe ;)

Yours truly, 

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