Tuesday, July 5, 2011

+1 America

When I was in Berlin in November, we kept saying the phrases "+/- 1 America" or "+/- 1 Berlin" when we compared different aspects about each country.

But, when it comes to the 4th of July, it's definitely +1 America.

Every year when the fourth comes around, Huntington Beach kicks into full party mode. For approx. two miles or so thousands of people line the streets in their full, red, white, and blue get up with easy ups, ice chests, and beach cruisers everywhere you look. The high school sets up booths selling hot dogs and cotton candy as fundraisers for individual sports. We have the longest running parade West of the Mississippi, with this year marking year number 107.

Then constant partying all day long, bbq and party hopping all up and down Huntington Beach until the hoopla for the fireworks show begins at 9. My gang of 25 all hopped on beach cruisers from a friend's house and mobbed it down to the pier, where they set off the fireworks (I of course, got my cruiser stolen from me last summer, and was forced to jog/run/skip/hop, while sweating profusely alongside my friends).  We lost a few people, and fell far behind others, all while random fools were yelling "Run, Forest, Run!" to me as I ran by (yeah, I looked really fricken cool like an idiot).

via Planet Blue
Finally, we found everyone at Tower 2, and watched a good show. There was some singing by the thousands and thousands of people who gathered on the streets and on the sand (maybe in the ocean too ?) and lots and lots of cheering. Once the show was over, all hell broke loose. Everyone merged back up into downtown and the crowds of people fell into various "USA!USA!" chants and what not  as they walked/biked/tried-to-drive to their next party destination.

Our next destination was a friend's house exactly 1.8 miles away. Hmmm...running for 1.8 miles...I don't think so! So I hopped on my friend Luke's handlebars and we mobbed it all the way! It was perhaps one of the most dangerous things I've done (pathetic, maybe?) but thrilling as well.

In all, I walked/jogged/ran/skipped/jumped a grand total of 5.6 miles, not including my handlebar ride.
Jules, from Sincerely Jules

Yeah, amurica.

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