Sunday, May 8, 2011

I found these treasures buried deep beneath old Seventeen magazines...

I always wanted to work for a magazine.
At the age of 10 I would sit in my room for hours going through magazines, ripping out pictures I liked of celebrities, cute outfits, accessories,DIY projects, hair styles, and even fitness tips. I turned my ripped out/cut out images into carefully planned collages.
I even expanded on to the back of my door, closet doors, and a heart shaped collage on my wall.
So, I guess you can say my interest in fashion and style came to me at a young age.
Although, looking at my past wouldn't ever know it :p

 hehe my "privet" book :) the first "beauty bible" I made

 Looking at my book, I had pages and pages filled with DIY ideas..but I never really did them haha.
I'm pretty sure these tribal beaded necklaces would be totally in style right now..right?

 hahahhah i was such a wannabe!

My Wanted List for freshman year :)

 This is from the second book I made, most likely in middle school..I wanted a more "mature" edge for this one.

I thought these books were humorous...hope you can get a giggle out of it too..knowing that you have one under your bed too :)

yours truly,

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